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We are a conservation-minded agricultural investment and land management firm based in southwest Alberta, Canada. We use a combination of science-based strategies, proven management systems and professional expertise to efficiently manage land on a large scale.

Western Ranchlands offers a new perspective and a new approach to synergistically combine the operation of livestock businesses, the conservation of open space, and real estate investment. We invite you to join us in this important venture.


  • Our Mission is to acquire and manage ranches using sound ecological and economical principles that simultaneously create attractive financial returns and enhance land health.
  • Our Vision is to profoundly influence the future of rural land by perpetuating superior stewardship and building a legacy of land based wealth.
  • Our Objective is to retain long-term management continuity, not to "flip" properties.

For Ranchers


We understand that for many people, ranching is a way of life, and individual lifestyles are unique.
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For Investors


We offer an alternative to conventional rural land investment.
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For Future Generations

Western Ranchlands respects the ecological and economic potential of each unique property.
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Buy Right Run Right

We “Buy Right” by identifying properties with unrealized potential and by negotiating fair and competitive agreements with property owners.

We “Run Right” by bringing an experienced team and a proven set of tools to every ranch in which we operate.

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Economies of Scale
"Ranchland can remain ranchland in perpetuity - operated by astute agriculturalists aided by our experienced professionals and comprehensive management system."

Meet Our Team

Sheldon Atwood - PhD
Chief Executive Officer & President, Director
John Cross
John Cross
VP of Livestock Operations, Director
Mark Kossler
Mark Kossler

Western Ranchlands’ team includes highly experienced ranchers, land management professionals and corporate executives with a proven track record of demonstrating profitable stewardship practices and verifiable ecological outcomes.

Our team members have developed and demonstrated a variety of solutions that address key problems facing the ranching, conservation, and rural land investment industries. Most of our members have worked together for many years and all have extensive experience in various aspects of agricultural operations, natural resource management and business strategy.

Western Ranchlands and our partners and advisors have over 100 years collective experience and have directly managed over 1 million acres of private ranchland worth well over $1 billion. In addition, our partnerships and licensing agreements give us access to proprietary intellectual property and experienced personnel.

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